Monday, April 21, 2008

{ craft racks for all! }

I'm very excited to announce my new business venture! I will be taking orders for these amazing organizational units called "Craft Racks!"

I'd love it if you took a peek at my Craft Rack website to see firsthand what I'm talking about.

The pictures shown here are of my Craft Rack loaded up with all my ink pads. The one I have holds 70 ink pads... but the new version holds 75!

There are 4 different Craft Racks available. You can see photos, read detailed descriptions and more at my Craft Racks site. Please email me if you're interested in placing an order. We can ship anywhere in Canada and the USA.


  1. i love the rub-ons on the cuttlebuged pieces! you should post a picture of the paper you cut out lol!

  2. Cindy, you accomplished a lot the other night - I was so amazed at how much activity your Cuttlebug saw that night - you are going to have to make a lot of projects to go through that stack!! AND on top of that you got cards done! Good job! The cards are really cute, too!
    ps- I am finally using up the pieces that I cuttlebugged with you months and months ago!

  3. Those cards are beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love how you used the rub-ons on the inside of the card!

    I have tagged you, I hope you can play along!