Wednesday, February 13, 2008

{ free rubber stamp }

Hello again,

I thought I should pass along my great bargain from last week! See this awesome personalized stamp?! It was free! All I had to pay was a reasonable shipping fee and it arrived in my mailbox a few days later! Fantabulous! Now I can stamp this on the back of all my cards. How cool is that?!

Order yours HERE!!

I was also able to order free business cards for my husband's snow plowing business, some humongous glossy post cards for my future hair salon business, birthday invitations, calendars, magnets, etc!




  1. Wow,that's wonderful,how much is a
    reasonable shipping fee if you don't mind my asking? Diane at Thanks

  2. WOW - thanks for sharing that stamp info! Great Idea for stamping back of cards - and - for me photos. I just went to VistaPrint and ordered mine too!