Thursday, January 10, 2008

{ 2007 ends with me in stitches }


I hope you don't think I have bloggarhea... 3 posts in one day - *shocking*! I thought instead of cleaning the house today I would catch up on blogging. Good idea, right?

Anyhoo... these are the quilts I made for my girls for Christmas! I finished up hand-sewing the binding on Christmas Eve, as I mentioned earlier. We went away for Christmas so I lugged the quilts, thread, needle, and my new leather thimble in and out of the hotel room, relatives houses, etc. I was determined to get them done in time, and thankfully I did it!

These quilts were dreamed up way back in March/07 when I spotted these luscious Heather Bailey fabrics at Quilt Essentials in Abbotsford. At first I was going to use Heather Bailey's pattern and make one twin sized quilt with a ruffle, but after reading it I realized that you'd waste a lot of fabric, so I decided to look for a different pattern. I found one in the Quilts and More magazine (Summer 2007) called Cottage Romance by Dorothy Faidley, which is the pattern I ended up using. On a side note, I sure wish you could subscribe to Quilts and More. I *love* that magazine! It has so many simple, do-able ideas with complete and clear instructions.

So anyway, back to my quilt story. I cut out and pieced one quilt only to realize that this thing was GINORMOUS! It was way bigger than a queen sized bed! Soooo.... I un-sewed (me, a stitch ripper and 3 cans of diet coke) it down the middle and made it into two twin sized quilts.

I had my friend Rhonda (the Quilt Nut) add my borders since I am measurement challenged and she also quilted them on her longarm quilting machine. You can see close ups of the amazing quilting job she did! Each quilt is done with a different butterfly design.

So, there you have it, my last crafty projects of 2007. I wonder what my 2008 quilts will look like.


PS. Click on the photos if you'd like to see a close up.


  1. i love it - I un-sewed (me, a stitch ripper and 3 cans of diet coke)lol!
    you did a fantastic job on them

  2. these are awesome! 3 posts in a row is a great way to spend your day!!!!!!

  3. wow that verigated thread on the butterflies looks so neat! bet they were a huge hit!

  4. WOW they look gorgeous. I missed your post, so it was great to see 3 today!! I know your girls loved them. I also finished one for my mom, and put pictures up on my blog with the same fabric..That was my 3rd quilt with Heather Baileys fabric (and I did make the one with the ruffle) and you are right, there was a lot of extra material...which went into my moms quilt..I don't have too much left over...You did a fantastic job!! BTW I love your new profile picture!Chris

  5. these are gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing all of your talents!!!


  6. Hey Cindy...they turned out great! It's so nice to see the finished product. What a perfect addition to your new home....

  7. Hi...these are absolutely gorgeous. :) Love the colors...I wish I could sew. Jennie