Friday, October 12, 2007

{ wow }

WOW! If you read this article how can you not sell all your punches and buy these?! I think I am 95% convinced LOL.

Does anyone know the cheapest place to get these nestabilites dies? I'm interested in buying basically the entire collection, so I need a good price!


Update: So, I just bought these from Urban Trends in Abbotsford! I was so excited when I found out she just got them in stock last night! It's nice not to have to order from the US and wait forever to get them in the mail.


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  2. sorry about that previous comment, i was logged in as my mom lol!

    those look fantastic. i'm tempted too!

  3. Hi Cindy! I was just looking at these yesterday at Precious Memories (in Langley)...they were $24.99 per set....I think I need them too lol

  4. Hey Cindy,

    A guy here sells his stuffs for dirt cheap - sometimes at wholesale prices... I will ck and see how much he's selling them for, and let you know. I am pretty sure I want to start a collection of these babies too!!!!


  5. Maybe if a lot of us went together we could get a better price on these. I'm interested to.

  6. There is an outfit on and if you sign up with them, they give you a 40% off coupon code each month good on one time. On the Nestabilities dies, it's off the MSRP (their own regular price is cheaper) but it's a significant savings. You just have to buy a set each month.

  7. Hi Cindy (me again), Theresa is also selling these at Urban Trends. I just got her list of new products, you also might of received that email...but just in case you didn't :o)

  8. hey! do not get them at Preciouse Memories! they are 100 highr then other places!!

    ok I just bought them at Shielas um all that scraps (I will get you the web site when I get home Im at wokr right now!)

    they are 340 and no shipping and only one tax! they are 450 at PM!

  9. hey! I was at work and my boss walked in when I was posting! lol. It was ok and he doesnt mind me on the computer but I was really busy after wards :)

    ok Abby and Langley have them (not the full set) and they are $25 or around $450 for all of them.

    Papertrey has them for $300 US but then you would need to pay duty and the like

    Sheila over at Scrapping Great deals
    has them for 350 Canadian with free shipping and only one tax!

    Thats where I got mine :)

    ok I know you just got some from Urben trends I just wanted to write out a proper post! lol :)

  10. Hey Cindy...if you check out "Stampin with Julie" blog, she's offering some type of monthly club for these may want to check it out.