Thursday, October 11, 2007

{ thanks rhonda }

This morning I received some fun mail from Rhonda (Quiltnut!). She sent me a pattern for a pear quilt - yayyyy! Thank you so much! I've been in love with this quilt for years and now I will finally get to make myself one! Rhonda also sent me this gorgeous fall card. The patterned layer is vellum - so nice! The raffia finishes the card off perfectly. Thanks for making my day!



  1. you're welcome. i totally forgot i even had that stamp, was pleasantly surprised to discover it again :)

  2. I love this stamp. that is sooo gorgeous. wherever did she get it at??the paper I love also.

  3. Monica, the stamp is from PSX. i got the vellum at a dollar store years ago, this was the first time i've cut into it :)