Sunday, September 23, 2007

{ teency weency little quilt }


Here's an adorable little quilt I made recently. I just finished sewing the binding last night while watching a re-run of the final episode of House from last season. I can't wait for the premiere on Tuesday! It'll be weird having Chase and Cameron gone, though.

Anyway, this teeny tiny quilt is only about 7 inches square! I made it out of my Heather Bailey Freshcut scraps. Scott calls it a pot holder, but NO! It's way too much work and it's way too cute to just plunk a pot onto it. I'm going to put something on the back so I can hang it and admire it daily. ;-)

Have a great week! What shows are you looking forward to? Do you do anything crafty while watching tv?



  1. Great work, frame and hang it for sure! Beautful! TFS- Deb

  2. Such a lovely quilt. The material choice is wonderful.

  3. Cute teensy quilt! Looking forward to Grey's Anatomy.
    Have a great day.

  4. Hi Cindy,

    This is so pretty! Don't you dare let your hubby use it as a pot holder!!! lol :) You're right to hang it to enjoy! I'm envious of your teency weency work. I'm afraid my fingers couldn't handle such intricate work...or should I saw my eyes couldn't handle it. Sometimes I feel like I have the eyes of a 90 year old and I'm only 33! lol Kudos to you! :)


    P.S. Thanks for alerting me of the blog candy win on Cindy V's blog, I actually noticed earlier and I was so happy! Can't wait to get the stamps in the mail. That'll be a happy mail day! :)

  5. Beautiful quilt, love the colors!!! I love to quilt I just haven't done it in a while.

  6. very little! how small are the squares?

  7. You are so talented. I love your beautiful quilts and want to say thank you. Erin will love your quilt and get much use out of it.