Thursday, July 19, 2007

{ kreations by krissy }

Some of you may have noticed that I've had a pink banner ad on my blog off and on for awhile. The ad is for the "Kreations by Krissy" ebay store. Last week I received a few emails from people wondering if the owner of Kreations by Krissy, Kristi Ferro, was a business partner or somehow connected to Paper Pretties. I checked with Kristi and she's not involved in the business of Paper Pretties, but she has been a moderator of the Paper Pretties yahoogroup.

Kristi asked me to place an ad on my blog in exchange for me earning free product. So far I have earned $1 - woohoo. ;-) The way our deal works is if a customer orders $15 or more from her and they use the coupon code Spring07 I earn a $1 product credit to her store and the customer receives 15% off their order. She has lots of neat paper crafting products and I plan to place an order soon. The nice thing about her ebay store is that everything is in stock and she ships it out immediately after you purchase it. Check it out! Right now she has her primas and some brads at 40% off!



  1. glad you got to get away! hope it was relaxing! how did the whole PP thing go? did you get all your money back? Glad I couldn't afford it at the time :)

  2. OOOh I love a SALE. I just bought several items from the store. Thanks for the "heads up". Karen