Thursday, June 14, 2007

{ rachel's quilt progress }


Over the last couple days I've been working on Rachel's quilt. The flowers and leaves are all machine appliquéd into place and I sewed the wide strips to the center piece (sorry can't remember all the proper quilt lingo LOL). The next step will be to buy fabric to make a 6" green border and matching binding and backing fabric. Oh yeah, I'll need some batting, too. It sounds like a trip to Joanne's is in order.

Meanwhile I would like to start on Laura's quilt since I already have the gorgeous Heather Bailey Fresh Cut fabric for that.

I would also like to find my stamp table. ;-) I know it's under there somewhere.

It's finally sunny here... not too hot, but a beautiful sunny day!



  1. so beautiful! I love the flowers on the sides... so the stems, etc are done with your machine? Or by handstitches?

  2. Your quilt is so pretty! I love the color combinations.

  3. Beautiful!!! My stamp table is "under there somewhere" too :(

  4. This is simply beautiful. Can't wait to see if completed!

  5. OMGoodness, How adorable. Lucky girl.

  6. Beautiful quilt Cindy! I love the appliqued flowers and the whimsical overall look to it. Not just your regular quilt but something really special to pass along to your loved ones!

  7. Cindy,
    Beautiful! Rachel will love this. You are almost finished!! Excellent work! Chris

  8. So stunning! I love the color combinations, pattern, and design! AMAZING!