Saturday, June 16, 2007

{ happy father's day }

Here's a card hot off the sewing machine! I saw this cute origami shirt on Sarah's blog the other day and had to try it. One sleeve is longer than the other, but hopefully Scott won't notice or care. ;-)



  1. Hey Cindy ... You're origami shirt looks great~! I printed off the instuctions last week (a link from another Blog), but have yet to venture to try it out. Guess I better decide whether I'm going to use it or not (for my Dad's card), as Father's Day is upon us...Eeeekk
    I really hope we see more of these patterns, (as long as they're simple to comprehend) as I think they add even more character to a hand-made card//scrapbook, etc.
    And I wouldn't worry about the sleeve ... mine will likely turn into a tank top with all my BOo Booos :)

  2. I have to learn ow to do that. That is just the cutest thing ever!

  3. Very cute, Cindy. I showed our Stampers 6 how to make these - they are so easy they all made 2 apiece! I really like the background paper you used & the colors - cute card! (And...I don't really notice one sleeve is longer unless I look for it). Hope he liked it!

  4. Love your card Cindy. I'll bet your husband did not even notice that one sleeve is longer then the other. :) I made a shirt card last year for my husband and he loved it.


  5. This is great! I tried to make these and couldn't get the collar just right....yours looks great though!

  6. Great card - I bet he won't even notice the uneven sleeves!