Tuesday, June 12, 2007

{ fun with photoshop }

Today I was reading Sarah's {kindred spirit} blog and she had posted a link to a photoshop tutorial that I just had to try! I am pretty inept when it comes to photoshop, but amazingly this tutorial was not too difficult to follow! Now I'm going to have to "grungify" all my photos!


  1. hey, that looks fun! Did you get your hair cut, too? Looks good. And you have a little shop going on your sidebar. Is that Ebay competition? Etsy.... not the same thing, right?

  2. ok, I checked out Etsy... just handmade things can be sold there, I gather. So it's quite different than Ebay.

  3. wowsa...you look great...love the haircut and color...oh thats right, it's natural! good job on the photoshop too....Andy