Wednesday, May 09, 2007

{ more birthday celebrations }

Well, my birthday has been well celebrated this year, I must say! Between shopping trips, lunches, coffee, dinner, birthday cake, surprise presents, and all the beautiful cards - WOW - I feel absolutely spoiled! And, it's not even an important number (unless you consider 34 important LOL).

Here's the absolutely stunning card Jill gave me when she took me out for lunch the other day... and look at the gift she gave me! Can you say "scallops"?!! Thank you so much Jill!

PS. Thanks Andrea for spending my actual birthday with me and for schlepping me around to all those stores in Bellingham and treating me to the Olive Garden for lunch. I can't think of a "funner" way to spend a day!


  1. sounds like you had an awesome birthday...congrats!

  2. where the heck have you been Cindy? I've missed you terribly!!! I hope everything is ok at home (sounds like it is), and that you are just taking a little break from serious blogging! Hope you had a great b-day!


  3. LOVE the card! that paper is fantastic!

  4. What a beautiful card and wonderful gifts. Sounds like you had a great birthday!