Sunday, May 27, 2007

{ hello }

Hi there! Sorry I don't have any crafty stuff to show you right now. I'm still working on the 160 cards... I need to get together again with Jill & Andrea this week so we can finish them. Nobody guessed exactly what the cards are for, but my sister Amelia came very close! The cards will be the party favors at a ladies tea at church. The cards will be left blank, of course, so the ladies can use them and we'll put each of them in a clear envelope.

Did you notice the pretty pink banner at the top of my blog? My new stamping blogging friend, Kristi Ferro, has a wonderful fully stocked online store so I thought I'd pass her link along to my blog readers! She was generous enough to offer you all 15% off if you spend $15 and as a bonus I will be able to earn free products from her store! How nice is that?! :-) So, if you're in the mood for shopping be sure to click her link and don't forget to use the coupon code: SPRING07 to get the discount! I can't wait to get some of her charms - they would be SO cute on Bella cards!

Have a great week! I hope to have some new cards and a couple of finished quilts to show you very soon.

Take care,


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