Tuesday, April 10, 2007

{ cute new stamps }

Good Morning!

Have you heard of Maryse Carrier stamps? A few years ago I bought some of her stamps and just loved the whimsical, fun style of them. Now Maryse has just released her brand new line of stamps that are sold in coordinated groups. My favorite one is Les Fleurs as shown here. Isn't it nice?!

I was just browsing Maryse's site and noticed that her shipping charges are very low, which is a definite plus for me!

The stamp groups are $12 CDN each and the shipping within Canada is:

1 GR = $1.95CND
2-3 GR = $2.75CND
4-9 GR = $3.95CND

Maryse Carrier is based in Quebec, Canada, but they also ship to the US and other countries as well. The stamps are un-mounted, deeply etched, gray rubber; very high quality.

Have a great week!



  1. Oh Cindy Cindy Cindy...you enable well *lol* These stamps are SOOO cute! I think I *need* to order some *lol*

  2. These stamps are very cute! Might have to check them out....:)

  3. i ordered this last week!! hopefully it gets here soon!!

  4. great stamp set and awesome prices on shipping! will have to check them out :)

  5. You're such an enabler!!! I love the roses!

  6. Marsye used to work for Magenta; I have some of the stamps she designed for them and I've always liked her work.
    Diane Young

  7. Hi Cindy .... I just checked-out Marsye's website ~ LOVE LOVE her stamp designs. You know what that means? ** CHARGE-IT ** (as Wilma & Betty, from the Flintstones, use to Yell whenever a shopping-spree occured ! ha) Thanks for bringing this designer to our attention :)