Saturday, March 10, 2007

{ latest watermark }

I'm so pleased with how this watermark turned out that I just had to share! Melanie emailed me about an hour ago to order a watermark and I had some free time this afternoon so I designed it for her right away.

Melanie recently started her stamping blog and she has a really adorable card posted. You've got to check it out! I love the background stamp especially.


  1. ohhh lala!!! I love it:) Hmmmm, maybe I should get another one;) They are like accessories to match your can never have too many!!!

  2. very nice Cindy! i love the background behind her name.

    where did your lovely new one go you had on the side? that was nice!

  3. I love that! It's beautiful and BTW, Melanie Robson is a rockstar stamper!!
    Gina K.

  4. I saw this watermark on one of Melanie's cards today and it's beautiful ;)

  5. Very nice Cindy.
    I also love the background behind her name.
    Looks really great.