Thursday, March 29, 2007

{ frayed ribbon tutorial & neat punch trick }

Yesterday when I was blog browsing I saw the cutest cards on Susan Farrant's blog so I emailed her to ask how she did the frayed ribbon. She directed me to this awesome tutorial on ribbon fraying and has allowed me to show you her card (to the left) here on my blog! I'll definitely have to give this technique a try. I love the look.

This tip is too good not to pass on! Visit Hop Art Studios to see how to use your square scallop punch to make an ultra cool tag! I love it when people think up new & creative uses for the punches we already own. And I love it even more when they share their ideas with the rest of us!


  1. Will have to go check those out...thanks for being so sweet to share!!!

  2. I love how your frayed ribbon turned out! Very cool!

  3. What a fun card! Love that frayed really gives it some style!