Friday, January 05, 2007

{ quick trip }

A couple days ago we came home from all of our Christmas travels. We had unpacked everything, did all the laundry. Then we decided to all hop in the van and take off to the Sunshine Coast for a few days! It's so beautiful there, even in the middle of winter as you can see in the photo I took last night. In real life the mountains were absolutely pink at sunset - very gorgeous!

While in Gibsons I visited my favorite little quilt shop - Carola's - and did a little shopping in order to stick with my New Year's Resolution. I resolved to make a queen sized quilt in 2007 for our bed. I bought a variety of Moda Chocolat fabrics! Now I'll begin researching exactly what kind of quilt I want to make. I plan to keep it quite simple since I am still a newbie and don't want to get overwhelmed with some intrcate pattern. I think I'll stick with squares or rectangles. I figure the fabric is beautiful enough that a simple pattern will still look stunning.

Also, when we were in Sechelt I ran into the mall to pick up dessert to take to my Aunt & Uncle's place on our way to have dinner with them and I realized I hadn't brought my knitting *gasp*! So, I took a little detour into a shop that carried a good selection of neato yarns and I got a nice ball of Icelandic wool that is the color of pea soup and my first pair of bamboo knitting needles. I had no idea they were so inexpensive... $2.49! And they are so nice to knit with. While we were away I started knitting a pea soup scarf. I might as well start on this year's Christmas gifts now!

Have you set any crafty new year's resolutions? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear about them!


  1. What a beautiful view of the mountains. One of my resolutions is to use all thos neglected stamp sets. I like your birthday card from yesterday's post. I just got that embossing folder. Thanks for the idea.

  2. my mom quilted a quilt with that fabric line right before christmas. its such a beautiful line!

  3. lol.....too funny I was just talikg to you about early Christmas gift, then I check your blog & that's exactly what you have posted about. Love the scenic photo, love the mountians too. isn't BC beautiful!

  4. A double Irish chain is incredibly simple, Cindy! It's what I learned at a beginning quilt class and finished to give to my mother for Christmas!

  5. It will be a beautiful quilt for sure!

  6. Love the scarf!! And I hope you get the quilt done. Once you start it's fun to keep going tho. :)

    My only resolution (craft wise) is to be more crafty. To spend more time creating things, and giving them out.

  7. beautiful east coast, but at times, the west can spurt out some great colors
    My N.Yr. resolutions:to get using my sewing inspirations I inherited from my [deceased] mom, use more of my stash of stamps & read, read & read!


  8. look at that beautiful picture! and oh look at the lovely fabric (i love fabric) I haven't made a quilt in quite a while, have a ton of fabric but can't seem to put the stamps down long enough. lol