Thursday, January 11, 2007

{ chocolat quilt progress }

I'm amazed at how quickly my quilt is getting done! Of course I have been working on it practically all day everyday this week.

Today I plan to assemble the pieces into 12" x 12" blocks.

I am so pleased with how this is coming together! I'm already thinking of other quilts I want to make when this one is finished.


  1. Cindy! That material is just divine! Can't wait to see what the quilt will look like when you are done! Looking at that pic makes me want to dig out my material and start quilting again - haven't done it in a while! TFS

  2. you are doing awesome Cindy! can't wait to see how the blocks look

  3. Cindy that looks so awsome. I am sure your quilt will look amazing!!! Way to go girl!!!

  4. Great fabric! Be sure to post more pictures. I love seeing the steps of a quilt in pictures. I usually start with pictures of the fabric before it is cut, and then right up to the finished product.

    This looks like it will be beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished product.

    'momtooandz' on SCS

  5. Love the fabrics!! You definitely have to keep us up todate with photos. This will look amazing when it is done.

  6. I love that. And like Kendra, makes me want to start a quilt now...esp. that chocolate!! Yum!!