Thursday, November 02, 2006

{ scarf in progress }

Here's a purple scarf I started on the other night. It is just about finished! These scarves are so quick to knit up when you use jumbo needles and nice thick wool. I think it's turning out beautiful! I'm making it for my purple-loving friend.


  1. Gorgeous Cindy. Have you ever tried knitting these scarves 'the other way'? I've done lots - you knit lengthwise (cast on +/- 150 stitches). At the beginning and the end of each row you leave about 8" and cut the wool so that you end up with a 'built-in' fringe. Does this make sense? I've done quite a few like this and use different wool colours, textures and thicknesses - creates a lovely effect. If you want me to send you a pic of one let me know. I also use the big needles. Love your one and just LOVE your blog. It's like having a new crafty friend in my inbox every day! LOL
    Cheers from New Zealand.

  2. Hi Tilly!
    I have made a couple scarves the other way on circular needles... but I've never done the built in fringe. I'm not quite sure how you'd do that. I'd love to see your pics, though! My email address is:

    Thanks so much for your compliments on my blog.


  3. Your scarf looks so beautiful. I love the colors. I wish that I could crochet as well as yo do.I hope that it keep your friend very warm.


  4. that shiny yarn you added!

  5. I love the metallic thread you've added to your scarf! I'm so lazy, if I want something shiny I just buy one that already has the metallic element "built-in." I guess I'm too worried about not picking up the thread...I love your blog, btw. I really need to figure out how to add one of those slide shows to mine.