Saturday, October 21, 2006

{ shaker card }

I decided to try a shaker card tonight! I'm sure I've made one before, but I can't remember when... it's been years.

Can you see the sparkly snow on the edge of the Brocade Blue card stock? To get this effect I first distressed the edges with my Tim Holtz distressing tool and then dipped them in white craft ink and then dipped it into dazzling diamonds glitter.

At the dollar store I got some foam tape that works perfectly for a shaker card. It's pre-cut into very thin strips that you can curve around the edge of the oval window.

I never would have ordered this stamp set... but when I was a demonstrator Stampin' Up! accidently sent it to a customer when she hadn't ordered it. Instead of returning it, I thought it would be simpler to just buy it from SU... and then I thought I would sell it to a customer, but I had no bites so I am stuck with it. ;-) Oh well, I guess it'll be fun to use for Christmas gift tags.

If you leave a comment in my blog (just click right below here where it says "Comments"), I will give you a dollar.

JUST KIDDING! But leave a comment anyway.


  1. I am not kidding, I want the dollar!! :)

  2. Wow, What a lot of work. Gorgeous card!

  3. Hi Cindy,

    I visit your blog every night and never realized who you were until tonight. all of your cards are lovely.

    Your card tonight is very pretty. It looks as though you have put an awful lot of work into it. I have yet to make a shaker card but will one day soon.

    Your "If you leave a comment in my blog (just click right below here where it says "Comments"), I will give you a dollar." Cracked me up. Not onlt are you a very talented stamper but you have an awesome sense of humor.


  4. Ha ha, that was pretty funny. It earns a comment! I love your work and your blog. I check it every day.

  5. A real dollar?

    It's a great card!

  6. Forget the dollar, I'll just take the snowman. Kidding! Really. But he is awefully cute.

  7. This is so cute, Cindy. I must try and make a shaker soon...I love it!

  8. Super cute shaker! :) You can keep the dollar, I'll take the snowman. LOL

  9. this card is too cute!
    great blog you have- lots of eye candy!

  10. I really love this card. You did a great job. I haven't tried the shakers yet and this has inspired me to try.