Friday, September 29, 2006

{ canvas transfers }

Awhile ago I saw this cool craft project on Trading Spaces and I knew I had to try it! Christi Proctor was the designer on this show. I love it when she's on because she always does something so creative!

You can learn how to make these canvas transfers by clicking on the Trading Spaces link above, but basically this is how I did it...

  1. Print photos in grey scale on T-Shirt transfers. On your printer settings select t-shirt transfer as the type of paper and your printer will automatically print in mirror image.
  2. Iron the t-shirt transfer onto a blank canvas. I picked these up at a local dollar store for $1 each. They are 8" x 10".
  3. Carefully peel away the t-shirt transfer backing.
  4. Hang on the wall and enjoy.


  1. What a cool idea.... what did ou do with the fabric when you were done transferring images on to it?

  2. I transferred the images onto an artist's canvas. These ones are hard, I guess they are on a board or whatever, they aren't like fabric. :-)

  3. This so cool. I have seen this done before and thought I would like to try it...well I might just have to now!! Love the pics!!

  4. Cindy, this is fantastic. Your daughters resemble you so much!

  5. I'm Just now seeing this!! I love it!!
    Hope you're still at it!
    Christi Proctor Hurst TS :)